February 12, 2018

Rezoning Application Generates Strong Community Response

The rezoning application submitted by the Osprey Club, LLC that proposes building up to 48 attached and detached townhouses on approximately 5 acres of land near the Club at Osprey Cove is generating a strong response from Osprey Cove owners and residents. After they were informed of the application, OCOA resident directors George Keramidas and Bill Traub sent an email to the community offering specific guidance on the criteria used by the Planning Commission and urging owners/residents to submit written comments to Dr. Jeff Adams, Director of St. Marys Community Development and staff support to the Planning Commission.  Written responses should be submitted by February 15, 2018.

Groups of residents are preparing petitions against the proposal, which also should be submitted to Dr. Adams by February 15th.

The Planning Commission meeting will be held on February 20, 2018 beginning at 5:30 pm at the St. Marys Elementary School, 600 Osborne Rd.

The Rezoning application materials and the criteria used by the Planning Commission are available on the news section of the OCOA website.

OC news

  • OCOA Board Approves Emergency Response Committee    

The Emergency Response Committee (ERC) was proposed by the Board following Hurricane Irma. At its February meeting, the Board approved this new committee and appointed Steve Fahey as chair. Steve has an extensive background in emergency management, including a key role following the BP oil spill.  The ERC will also include resident members of the Board, members of the Infrastructure and Lakes committees, the community manager and security staff and other residents with expertise in emergency management.

  • Board Re-establishes Finance Committee

At its February meeting, the OCOA Board approved re-establishing a Finance Committee to oversee OCOA finances and advise the Board on finance policies and procedures. Committee membership will be announced by May.

  • Speeding and Traffic Violations To Be Strictly Enforced

Speed limits and other traffic rules and regulations will be strictly enforced by the OCOA security, “ affirmed the OCOA Board in February. The OCOA Rules and Regulations state:

For Violations of Traffic Signs:

  First Violation: Warning letter or email outlining the details of the violation including the type of violation, date, and time.
 Second violation: $50 fine and 30-day suspension of the lot Owner(s) gate pass privileges assigned to the lot. Formal letter sent via first class mail with return receipt to resident and/or renter or guest outlining the details of the violation, including the type violation, date, and time.                                                                                 
Third violation: $ 100 fine and 60-day suspension of the lot Owner(s) gate pass privileges assigned to the lot. Formal letter sent via first class mail with return receipt to resident and/or renter or guest outlining the details of the violation including the type of violation, date, and time.

Please keep our community safe and respect your neighbors and our rules and regulations.

  • OCOA Ends 2017 with Surplus

The OCOA ended 2017 with a surplus of approximately $26,000, based on the unaudited year-end financial statement. This compares with a deficit of over $120,000 for 2016. The significant improvement in finances is the result of careful scrutiny of contract obligations, more effective negotiation of contracts, closely monitoring spending and setting priorities for new projects.  The unaudited 2017-finance summary is available for owner/resident access at:

  • Transition Moves Toward May 3rd Turnover

The transition of the OCOA from declarant/developer control to owner control on May 3, 2018 is progressing. The OCOA Board resident directors George Keramidas and Bill Traub, along with the members of the transition task force are completing the due diligence process and will now focus on finalizing governing documents, policies and procedures and holding elections for three new owner directors.

As part of the transition the Nominating Committee will release the timeline and materials for the nomination process by the end of February.  The election will take place at a special OCOA meeting on April 26, 2018.  Watch for more details.

OC reminders & events     

  • Mail Box Replacement 

If you have an old mailbox, you are encouraged to replace it with a new, black mailbox with gold numbersHere is the information you need to order your new mailbox:

  Mailbox Vendor:                                                                                                                                                                                           Style: Imperial Mailbox Systems 308 K                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cost: $391 per box ordered online with free shipping.  For 2-5 mailboxes, cost is $385 per box. For six plus, $372.17                                                                                 Ordering: Contact an account manager (Ben Corona, Paul Orta, Eli Schweyer, Wes Schweyer, Marcus Oldham or Kandi Turner) to receive OCOA pricing                  (866-707-0008 or                                                                                                                                                                                           Installer (optional): Logan Stover (912-552-4810). He charges $55 for removal of the old box and installation of a new one.

  • Pick Up After Your Pet

Please be respectful of your neighbors as well as your neighborhood and pick up after your dog. Per the OCOA Rules and Regulations:                                                 IV. Animal Control                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              C. Owners will not permit their pets to soil another Owner’s yard or personal property. If private property, common areas, rights of way, or Club property are soiled by pet waste, the pet Owner is responsible for the cleanup and removal thereof.

  • Osprey Cove Tote Bags Available
Osprey Cove tote bags are still available from the Osprey Cove Women’s Club at $15 each. Please make your check payable to OCWC and get it to Mary-Ann O’Connor at 254 Osprey Circle. Remember, all proceeds benefit Camden County charities. 

OC web (updates)

The following documents were added to OCOA Governing Documents on the Residents Only section of the website (

  • Minutes of the November 2017 Board of Directors Meeting
  • 2017 Year End Financial Summary (unaudited)
  • Minutes of the December 2017 OCOA Annual Meeting
  • Minutes of the January 2018 Board of Directors Meeting
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