Message from the Board of Directors

The OCOA Board of Directors met on August 15th. The following was discussed:

§  The financial report provided by Sentry Management showed 101 delinquent accounts. The Board advised the deactivation of gate access on any account that was past due as of Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. Owners will be required to use the guest entry at the West Gate.

§  The financial status of the OCOA as of end of July 2018 is shown in the chart below. The lower than budgeted revenue is due to the delinquent accounts. The lower than budgeted expenses are due to several projects not yet completed.


§  The OCOA office reported 110 community violations during July. The violations are a result of issues with mailboxes, driveways, yard maintenance and construction site cleanup. The Board advised that if the violation still exists after 20 days’ notice then the owner may be subject to a fine.

§  Several issues exist with the landscape of common areas and the Sanctuary. Martex and Kingfisher will be notified by Sentry on the issues to be addressed.

§  The Board set the date of the annual meeting and election for December 5th 2018 at the Cumberland Inn & Suites in St. Marys, GA. A timeline is being created for announcements and mailing of materials. The OCOA attorney will advise on the requirements for the meeting and election. In addition, a list of questions from the Board and the community has been created for review by the attorney.

§  The Board approved the appointment of Jim Faichney as the Transition Officer for the OCOA.

§  The Board recommended that an RFP be drafted and mailed to at least three community/property management companies.

§  The heat of the summer and the extremely high rainfall created several problems with the lakes. The Lakes Committee is working with the contractor to address and resolve issues.

§  A contract was awarded for the repairs of the concrete bridge, which will be expected to begin in early October.  This will cause some disruption to traffic flow in the community.  More information will be available once the contractor gets closer to starting.

§  The Board is evaluating a move of the OCOA office to the sales office due to the conditions of the Osprey building.

§  The process for the 2019 budget will start by mid-September with the goal to approve the budget at the next Board meeting.

The next quarterly meeting of the Board will be held on October 17th.


Osprey Cove Women’s Club

Wanda Fahey, President

912.674.5199 fahey.wanda@gmail.com

Our first General Meeting for the 2018/2019 year is set for Thursday, September 20th at 6:30 PM at the Clubhouse. 

Each of our special interest groups will be sharing their plans for the coming year.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions and sign up for the activities most appealing to you.  You will also hear about this year's fundraisers.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you hear what we have planned for this year.   

You should have received a membership form for 2018/2019 either in the August Osprey Living magazine, in an email and/or in your mailbox.  Please get your membership form in as soon as possible so we can be better prepared at the first meeting.  We have a goal to wrap up this year’s membership drive at the end of September even though we welcome new members at any point during the year.  If you have questions about membership please contact Nancy Newberry @ nnewberry1@comcast.net

I look forward to seeing you at the first meeting. If you are new to Osprey Cove, you have not been an active member in the past or even if you have been a member but dropped out, I encourage you to join us for lots of fun activities and to share in helping the needy in our area.   


Landscape Committee Report

Allene Groote (agroote@tds.net)

Rain, rain, go away!  It was the lament heard throughout Osprey Cove and most of South Georgia during these past several months.  It is not the norm for us to have a 10-inch surplus of rain at this time of year, but we do. 

Many of us spent the better part of the spring evaluating how much damage Hurricane Irma inflicted on the plants, the shrubbery, and the trees in our yards.  The Club grounds crew and the community landscapers had to deal with the other areas in our community and the golf course as well.

In late spring the seasonal plantings selected by the Landscape Committee began to bring brighter days and color to our community.  Some planted area beds were affected by the summer heat and torrential downpours more than others; unfortunately, a situation not controlled by the Landscape Committee but by Mother Nature.      

With the promise of cooler fall weather arriving fairly soon – we hope – the Committee has started to plan the fall/winter plant rotation.  We will select one out of three proposals presented by Martex’ in-house Certified Landscape Architect.  Our decision and selection is based on many factors; the color, leaf/floral shape, adaptability to weather conditions, etc. The actual installation timeframe is decided by Martex Services as daytime/nighttime temperatures are a major issue.   

At this time, we are also considering some major renovations for early 2019 to be discussed and decided upon at a later date.

As the landscape is a vital part of our entire community, our committee is always open to comments and suggestions.    Your in-put is always welcomed and appreciated.


From the OCOA Office

Lynne Seckman  912-673-1467

There’s been a lot of buzz this week about expirations of car decals.   Decals or transponders do not expire unless the property owner received a new transponder for a new car and had a temporary tag rather than a permanent license plate number.  In this case, the license plate number in the property owner’s Dwelling Live account was put in as TEMP6 and the property owner has 6 weeks to get a new and permanent license plate number and inform the OCOA office. Property owners will get a notice from Dwelling Live 30 and 10 days prior to expiration as a heads up and reminder to provide the OCOA office with the permanent information. 

Several property owners did receive notices of decals expiring last week.  This was due to delinquent assessment payments. At the direction of the Board, all decals attached to properties with unpaid assessments were deactivated until the accounts were brought current. Please note it’s important for assessments to be current on all Osprey Cove properties the resident owns.  

Semiannual and other assessment payments can be brought to the HOA office, at which time the decals can be reactivated.  Payments can also be made or by phone thru RevoPay. Call the HOA office with any questions.


New Security Supervisor

Matt Hotard is the new Security Supervisor for Osprey Cove.   He’s been a part of our Security staff for three years.    


New Residents 

David and Leslie Asher, moved here from Indiana with 5 kitties. They have three kids and one granddaughter, all are in Georgia except one of our daughters is in Germany with the Army. And we are glad to finally be closer to almost all of them. David still works for Bonnell Aluminum but hopes to retire within the next two years so he can golf more. Leslie enjoys reading, knitting and cross-stitching but hopes to get involved locally, especially with the sea turtles!

Gary & Ruth Beall moved to Osprey Cove from St. Simons Island with their dog Baby. Ruth has been a Realtor for 18 years with a St. Simons Island company, Signature Properties Group, and will continue working there and expand her business into this area. Ruth knew quite a bit about St. Mary’s and showed several houses to buyers in Osprey Cove. Gary and Ruth fell in love with this subdivision and moved into their house 8 weeks ago. Gary is an Engineer from Georgia Tech and is the owner of his own company; WGB Engineering, Inc. Ruth loves to play tennis and has started playing mixed-doubles on Fridays with other residents of Osprey Cove. Gary is a Triathlon athlete and loves the community pool to practice. Ruth is originally from Switzerland and has been in the U.S. for 22 years. Gary grew up in Hazlehurst and lived all over the U.S. They have two grown daughters and 5 grand-children.


Beverly and Dan Buckingham recently moved to the beautiful community of Osprey Cove, after retiring six years ago to Savannah Lakes Village in South Carolina. They are originally from upstate New York. Dan and Beverly both retired from the Xerox Corporation. Dan enjoys golf and both enjoy board and card games, hiking, biking, puzzles and reading. They have one son and three grandchildren living in Ohio.


Jason and Heather Conner have moved to the area from Laurel Island with their twin daughters, Adelaide and Emmeline, to be closer to family. Jason is originally from Callahan while Heather was a military dependent, returning to St. Marys after 23 years of traveling. Jason works as an Engineering Technician for JEA while Heather is an Insurance Fraud Investigator. Their twin daughters are a year and a half old and excited to be living in the neighborhood.  





Birthdays & Anniversaries 

Please contact Nancy Brockman (nancybroc@aol.com) if you would like to be included.   

September Birthdays








 Eittreim Ronald  & Lynn 1  Copps Edward & Nancy 14
 LaBelle Joseph & Debbie 1  Kelly Frank & Eileen 20
 Ferrantino Joseph & Donna 2  Browne Vance & Ellen 21
 Vail Robert & Elizabeth 2  White Woodie & Brenda 21
 O'Connor Michael & Mary-Ann 3  Prins Curtis & Althea 22
 Albert Jim & Linda 4  Workman Robert & Teresa 22
 Faichney Jim & Peggy 4  Haggerty David & Patricia 23
 Unruh Ed & Barbara 4  Lipton Thomas & Lynn 24
 Ramsey Bill & Nancy 5  Kriner Jonathan & Ashley 25
 Frasca Frank & Caroline 6  Ziemer Steve & Debi 25
 Polson Dal & Virginia 6  Anderson Robert & Sandra 26
 Spagna Bill & Betty 6  Holden Hollis & Jeanette 26
 Gronich Herb & Barbara 7  Smith Joe & Joan 26
 Myers Dick & Mary 7  Barnes Bill & Sara 27
 Gromada Richard & Marcia 8  Moore Dennis & Ilene 29
Stoner Mike & Laurie 8  Andrews Ed & Rose 30
 Reilly David & Betty 9  Fuller Bryant & Candace 30
September Anniversaries
John Rogers 1 Frank Schaustal 14
Di-Anne Schaustal 1 Gordon Steadman 14
David Crew 2 David Williams 14
Mary Ann Scott 2 Barbara Conner 15
Judy Welch 2 Mary-Jo Flory 15
Jerry Kendrick 5 Dave Southern 15
Barbara Schneider 5 Gil White 16
Maureen Siclare 5 Peter Wilson 16
Richard Gromada 6 Tobin Genung 17
Suzie Tippins 6 Tricia Smith 17
Sean Wiggins 6 Mavis Spitzer 17
Debra Williams 6 Marion Conklin 18
Eileen Petersen 7 Albert Thompson 18
Thomas Lipton 8 JoAnn White 18
Bonnie Moynihan 8 April McNeil 20
Bill Deloughy 9 Susan Fewox 21
Mimi Lewis 9 Julie Jones 21
Ginny Childers 10 Lian Cutting 22
Gracie Kestranek 10 Wanda Fahey 22
Tom Phillips 10 Jacqui Lundy 22
Leslie Hall 11 Robbie Frye 23
Lynn Robbins 11 Jim Morelewicz 23
Jennifer Sailors 11 Debra Morin 24
Pilar Zorba     11 Neal Moore 25
Anne Gilson 12 Carol Palm 25
Tom Wright 12 Sue Shimkaveg 25
Mary Ellen Cornelius 13 Kathy Clunie 26
Doug Corwin 13 Greg Glaz 26
Jim Crary 13 Mike Reed 27
Steve Cutler 13 Mike Stoner 27
Jane Powell 13 Kenneth Hilson 29
Kirsten Trussler 13 George Powell 30
Jay Scherer 30



From Vines to Wines

Raymond Antonelli  (antonelli188@gmail.com)

Greetings everyone!  “Oh, man. Here we go. Another snooty oenophile’s musings touting some varietal we’ll never get our hands on or one that we cannot afford”. Well, I have a surprise for you. Your writer is merely someone who discovered over time that wine is more than just a refreshing beverage or a fine accompaniment to many foods. Being of Italian & French descent, my first sip of wine probably occurred at a very early age. What I didn’t know then was that wine has probably been the most celebratory drink in the course of history.  At one time, like most young men, I consumed much more beer than wine. Nowadays, I still enjoy beer, liquor and spirits as well. But over time, I’ve developed such a love for wine that I’d enjoy sharing some of what has made that a fun and delicious journey for me.

So, where am I going with this? Well, hopefully over the next few months we’ll look at not only a brief history of wine but some very interesting things about the wine from start to finish. We’ll cover varietals (types) and where they originated, how locations of vineyards (soil, terrain, sunlight, water, etc.) greatly affects the wine’s characteristics. How something as simple as sunlight, temperature, and vibration can adversely affect the wines you buy and store at home. We’ll definitely go into details such as the difference between heavy & light Reds, sweet & tart Rose’s and crisp & fruity Whites. We’ll explore how to best store and serve your wines for their best drinking experience. Understanding the many nuances that can affect the feel and flavor of wine makes it that much easier to understand why taking this journey ‘From Vines to Wines’ can be a very pleasurable & fun experience.

A little history, if you’ll allow; we relocated about a year ago from Rhode Island where I had been fortunate enough to belong to an old fashioned wine club. ‘The Knights of the Wine Table’ is “a group of friends dedicated to the making of and the enjoyment of fine wines & foods”. This group started as a bragging session between two elderly Italian gentlemen who made their own homemade wine. They decided to start a group with the sole intent on educating others by passing along what they had learned over time. What a cool idea. So why not have a monthly meeting at a local restaurant and make arrangements with the owner to provide a ‘prix fixe’ luncheon and have members bring a bottle of their own homemade wine for others to sample and constructively criticize? Even better!  Well, over time, the group became so successful that its members now include true oenophiles and even an owner of a wine distribution company specializing in South American wines. The group has even been featured in local news and national publications such as The Wine Spectator. To me this was the perfect means to further my relationship with the wine. And that’s what I’d like you to experience over the coming months, the joys of discovering new and exciting things about this celebratory beverage. I sincerely cannot think of a better way to celebrate life on a daily basis than with a glass of wine with my nightly meal.

So, I hope I have piqued your interest here. And I hope you’ll join me next month as we discover more interesting things about wine. We’ll make it a fun journey and if you’re not careful, you just might learn something. Until then friends & neighbors, Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem, Carpe Vitam (Seize the Day, Seize the Night, Seize Life).Salute!

The Osprey Cove Owners Association   123 Osprey Drive  St. Marys, GA 31558









                     THE OSPREY CONNECTION

                                                                                                                       week of  August 4, 2018


The Georgia coast boasts some of the South’s most beautiful landscapes. And our city in particular was deemed the most “picturesque” town in the state.  “Rich in architecture and layered with nature — whether it’s canopies of trees, a beach that stretches for miles, or the glass-like surface on a lake or river — each U.S. state hosts more than one town that will take your breath away,” design magazine Architectural Digest wrote in its “Prettiest Town in Every U.S. State” list, naming St. Marys the clear winner in Georgia.

Message from the Communications Committee

The demise of “Osprey Living Magazine” gives us the opportunity to expand the charter of “The Osprey Connection. “   We’d like to include items of interest from our readers; such as select travel photos, recipes, and info on new residents.    Please send your input to ocoawebmaster@gmail.com 

Message from the Board

Please keep bicycles off the walking paths.  Bicycles should be used only on common roads and obey ALL traffic rules and signs.   Bicycles are not allowed on the walking paths.   The curves and vegetation along the paths may inhibit sight lines and could lead to pedestrians being injured.   

And to clarify:  Golf carts may only be operated by persons 16 years of age and older with a valid driver’s license.   A 15-year old with a valid instruction permit may operate the vehicle, and then only when accompanied in the front seat by an adult at least 21 years of age who holds a valid driver’s license.

Osprey Cove Women’s Club (OCWC) News

President Wanda Fahey   912.674.5199  fahey.wanda@gmail.com 

At our first meeting on September 20th, the program will center on our Special Activity Groups. Representatives of these groups will describe their goals and programs. We have a new group this year called “Out and About”.  You will definitely want to hear all about the exciting activities they are planning for the year. We will also discuss this year’s fundraisers.  Make plans to be at the first meeting and please invite a new member to come with you!

Membership forms will be emailed and placed in newspaper boxes.   You may also contact Nancy Newberry @ nnewberry1@comcast.net

I’m looking forward to a fun year with lots of new and returning members, a wide variety of activities for you to choose from and raising lots of money to give to the needy of Camden County at the end of the year.

Update from the Lakes Committee

Chair:   Scott Spaulding

  1. Our lakes management company is on site twice per month through the summer months (generally 1st and 3rd weeks). When on site, they inspect all lakes and treat with chemicals those lakes showing weed or algae issues. They were last on site on Wednesday, July 18 and aggressively treated the worst lakes.
  2. Damaged, missing and corroded fish barriers have been repaired or replaced.
  3. Carp stocking was completed in May 2018 with 300 carp being stocked in most of our 26 lakes. Heavy stocking was done on lakes most effected by the removal of fish barriers during Hurricane Irma.
  4. General comments: The summer months are the most difficult when trying to maintain the aesthetics of our lakes.  Warm temperatures and heavy fertilizer use on our lawns and the golf course promotes the growth of perimeter weeds and algae in the lakes.
  5. The grass carp are our first line of defense for weeds. The loss of grass carp during the hurricane has set the lakes back some but the recent restocking should get things back on track. Our second option for weeds is to spray the perimeter of the lakes with weed killer which is done on an as needed basis. There are various chemicals that can be used depending on how aggressive we need to be.
  6. Algae is more difficult to address since the only effective way to treat is through the use of chemicals. Again, there are various chemicals that can be used depending on how aggressive we need to be.
  7. Summary: Even though all the lakes get inspected twice per month, if you have specific concerns, please let the OCOA office know. We will inspect the situation and will be sure to get your specific area treated during regular visits. Also, when the lakes are sprayed it takes about 7-10 days to see the results. By that time the weeds and algae should be turning yellow or brown. After the weeds and algae have died, it may take heavy rain to flush the debris from the lakes or to cause it to sink.

News from the ARB

The ARB has determined that permanently attached hurricane shutters are considered an “exterior modification” and owners should therefore submit a modification request to the ARB. The ARB requires that shutters blend in with the color of the home.

Use of hurricane shutters may only take place during times of an eminent storm.

Infrastructure Projects 2018 Status

Chair:  Richard Logan


  • EMC Engineering prepared a bid package for concrete bridge repairs and obtained bids for consideration at the August 15 BOD meeting
  • EMC Engineering completed the inspection of the wooden bridge and will deliver a report in


  • Thomas and Hutton Engineers design of West Gate paving repairs
  • Hester Construction is getting permission from the DNR for clearing storm water outfalls to the marsh and wet lands.  A schedule and annual budget of $60,000 is established. This will be completed for all outfalls to the marsh in a multi-year program


  • Annual Timber Bridge maintenance and Founders Bridge maintenance
  • Annual Tranquility Park Gazebo/Bridge maintenance
  • Install street and traffic signs on order
  • Complete West Gate paving repairs
  • It was agreed that a scope and budget for guard house upgrades needs to be developed

Notify Security if You’re Going Out of Town

If you’re going out of town, Osprey Cove residents can notify Security (either via phone or Dwelling Live)  of plans to be away.   This allows Security to know who has permission to enter the residence. This can avoid problems when residents schedule house sitters, dog walkers, lawn care, etc. Many residents take it as a given that their guest will be recognized and let through the gate, but keep in mind that almost half of the security staff are newcomers and wouldn't recognize those who you intend to be allowed onto the grounds.  

Also remember to keep Security  up-to-date on your emergency contacts in case anything happens.

Gullah Geechee Documentary Film Festival - August 25th

The St. Marys Convention & Visitors Bureau is excited to announce the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Commission has brought their documentary film festival to St. Marys. The public is invited to join them at the St. Marys Welcome Center, at 400 Osborne Street, for free viewing of a series of classic documentaries that help introduce audiences around the world to the history and cultural treasures of the Gullah Geechee people.

Saturday, August 25 at 1:00 p.m. for “From Whence We Came” and “Family Across The Sea” (1990).



                     THE OSPREY CONNECTION

                                                                                                                       week of  July 4, 2018

Welcome to the July 2018 edition of the Osprey Connection.   We want to make sure we’re reaching as many people as possible.   Please forward this email to any friends or neighbors who may not be receiving it.   Send any email updates to ocoawebmaster@gmail.com

We're also interested in any photos you have of Osprey Cove or any feedback on the newsletter itself. 

Message from the Board -- Fireworks


Fireworks are prohibited within Osprey Cove per the OCOA Rules and Regulations. Residents should be aware that fireworks have a sometimes-devastating impact on animals and combat veterans. Two of every five house fires on July 4 are started by fireworks. Each July 4, thousands of people, often children and teens, are injured while using consumer fireworks.


What some may not realize is that fireworks can be a source of stress for some veterans. Loud noises that sound like gunfire and other explosive blasts can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder.


For many, watching fireworks are a fun Independence Day tradition. However, fireworks and thunderstorms can trigger anxiety in animals. According to studies, a third of all dogs will suffer from noise anxiety.

I-95 Roadside Enhancement Begins in Camden County

Georgia DOT is implementing two maintenance contracts for Interstate 95 right-of-way to enhance safety and establish a clean, green and well-maintained roadway.

Contractors will begin replacing the fence and seeding grass on I-95 right-of-way in Camden County from the Georgia/Florida State line to just south of Exit 3 Interchange Bridge. Day-to-day operations should not impede traffic but the public is urged to always use caution in work zone areas.

The fencing contractor will begin replacing the current dilapidated four-foot fence at the outer edge line of I-95 right-of-way with an upgraded eight-foot gaming fence. This type game fence should deter wildlife from entering the highway along this portion of I-95.

The grassing contractor should start planting a mixture of Bermuda and millet grass seeds on all roadside and median areas along this section of the I-95 corridor. Weather permitting, both maintenance contracts should be completed this summer.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook (
@GDOTSouthEast) and Twitter (@Georgia DOT-Southeast). 

More on Golf Carts – This Time From Osprey Cove Security

With the children of Osprey Cove out for summer break, obviously the number of kids out and about on golf carts has increased. Security would like to remind you about a few OCOA rules regarding golf carts of which you may not have been aware. First, just like a motor vehicle, drivers of golf carts should be licensed. If they are not old enough to have a driver's license they should not be driving a cart unaccompanied by a licensed adult.

Second is overcapacity. This could cause injury were an occupant to be thrown from the cart or some similar accident was to occur. Also, the cart should have lights on when driving at night. And lastly, carts should only be operated within the common grounds of the OCOA and Club properties. In other words, roadways, parks, and Club facilities (during working hours) are fine. There should be no golf carts on the golf course at any time unless authorized.

These rules may seem like a lot but, they were decided on by the OCOA for safety reasons and directly mimic the city ordinance of St. Marys.

Osprey Cove Women’s Club

The OCWC Board has been busy planning for the 2018/2019 year.   Since participation was low with the Home & Garden group last year, we formed a new group with what we are calling “Out & About.”   We hope to mix it up a bit and provide the opportunity for some fresh ideas and activities without constraints of it being just home- and garden-related.  This group will offer a wider range of events such as excursions, museum tours, wine tastings, fashion shows, as well as home and garden events.  These outings may be during the day or in the evening and may or may not include lunch/dinner depending on the activity.   

The August Osprey Living magazine will have the membership form included this year.   The form will also be emailed as in the past. 

Our first meeting will be Thursday, September 20, 2018.   Mark your calendars and plan to attend to hear about all the exciting activities the OCWC has planned for the coming year.  

Tote bags are still available for purchase -- $15 each or two for $25.   Remember, all proceeds will go to 501(c)3 organizations serving the needy in Camden County.   

Fundraiser for Chris Posen

Osprey's very own server, Chris Prosen is suffering from Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma, a very rare cancer. Chris is a single father of a beautiful daughter, Abby. She is 9 years old, a fierce soccer player and the light of Chris' world.

The Club held a fundraiser on Wednesday, June 13th for Chris to help with the expenses related to his treatment. The overwhelming support from our community came through with over $9K! Chris sends his “thank you” to each and every one who prayed, wrote cards, donated wine, money, and anything else done to help through this difficult time.

Those interested should send their donations to Southeastern Bank and make them payable to: Chris Prosen and Abby Fund.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

Osprey Living Magazine has agreed to publish Osprey Cove birthdays and anniversaries beginning in August.  Nancy Brockman graciously continues to coordinate. 

It’s been several years since these files have been published so we’re concerned about the accuracy of the list.   If you’re relatively new to Osprey Cove (say in the last two to three years) and wish to be included, please send your info to Nancy at nancybrock@aol.com

Keeping Storm Drains Clear

The season for heavy afternoon rains has arrived.   It’s important the storm drains be kept clear to avoid flooding.   Please don’t blow yard debris into the street.   Please try to make sure the drains at the curb of your property are kept clear.  

Did you know . . .?

With all the construction happing all around Osprey Cove, it’s good to know that contractors are required to clean up the construction site at the end of each work day.   If that’s not happening on a lot near you, please contact the OCOA office.   

Update from the Infrastructure Committee


  • Tranquility Park walking path drainage system was installed by Landscape Innovations
  • Hester Construction cleared the drainage from the outfall on Chinquapin Drive through the culverts under Isle of Saint Marys Way and from north of and through the culverts under Tanager Trail to south where it opens up toward the marsh
  • Several areas of settlement around storm drains on the East Side were repaired by Hester Construction


  • Obtaining proposal from Thomas and Hutton Engineers to design West Gate paving repairs
  • Street drains in OC are two types. In phases 1,2 and 4 they have grates (Jacksonville Type) and in phase 3 they have no grates (Savannah Type). Savannah Type have covers (with a man hole lid) that is just sitting on the box with nothing holding the cover in place. In several places these covers have been moved and damaged due to heavy traffic (especially at outside corners). Four of these Savannah Type drains on the corners are being replaced with Jacksonville Type which are not exposed to damage. The Savannah Type not on outside corners will be moved and secured in place by pins as needed
  • Various street and traffic signs are on order to repair damaged signs


  • Complete repairs to the concrete bridge
  • Hester Construction was authorized to start clearing the storm water system outfalls into the marsh on the West Side. This will be completed for all outfalls to the marsh in a multi-year program
  • Annual Timber Bridge maintenance and Founders Bridge maintenance
  • Annual Tranquility Park Gazebo/Bridge maintenance
  • Several areas of settlement around storm drains on the East Side will continue to be repaired by Hester Construction




                     THE OSPREY CONNECTION

                                                                                                                       week of  June 3, 2018

News from the OCOA Communications Committee

The OCOA Board has re-established the Communications Committee.   Our goal is to provide timely, accurate information about what is going on “inside the gates” to the property owners and residents of Osprey Cove.    This newsletter is one way to do that.   The members of the committee are:  

Raymond Antonelli                                     antonelli188@gmail.com
Wanda Fahey                                             fahey.wanda@gmail.com
Lynn Goldsworth                                         lgoldsworth@gmail.com
Mary-Ann O’Connor (Chair)                        moconnor254@yahoo

We’re interested in your questions, comments, and your photos of Osprey Cove.   Please send them to us at OCOAwebmaster@gmail.com

Information and news for the Osprey Cove Golf Community and Club, a separate members-only club within Osprey Cove, can be found at:  http://www.ospreycove.com

 Message from the OCOA Board of Directors

The OCOA and its management company will be stepping up enforcement of the community Rules and Regulations over the next several months.  Article XII of the Rules and Regulations covers Enforcement.  This article states: “…the OCOA Covenants, the Architectural Review Board (ARB) Criteria, and the Rules and Regulations will be enforced uniformly in order to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all.  When a violation of any of these documents is brought to the attention of the Osprey Cove Board of Directors, via its Property Manager, the violation will first be verified by the Property Manager, then the following procedures and fines will be initiated:

Step 1:            A courtesy letter will be sent advising the Property Owner of the infraction in an attempt to have the infraction remedied on an informal basis and without the need to invoke further enforcement procedures.  The Property Owner will have 10 (ten) days from receipt of the letter to respond.  If there is no response or if the Property Owner is unwilling to remedy the violation, ‘Step 2’ will be invoked.

Step 2:            A formal letter describing the violation will be sent, via first class mail with return receipt requested, to the Property Owner.

Step 3:            If, after ten (10) days from the receipt of the formal letter, a remedy or mutually agreed upon plan for a remedy has not occurred, then the Property Owner will be informed that the case will be turned over to a lawyer for legal action and the gate passes of the Property Owner will be suspended until such time as there is a final resolution. The “remedy” or “mutually agreed upon solution” is to be in compliance with the Covenants, Architectural Review Criteria, and the Rules & Regulations.”

The above enforcement procedures are for violations of administrative infractions. Such violations include, but are not limited to, the lack of compliance to the ARB criteria, maintenance of property, and the neglect to pay semi-annual or special assessments.  Some areas of the Rules and Regulations most violated are under the miscellaneous rules, specifically mailboxes and lot maintenance.  Many of the original white and gray mailboxes are in disrepair and/or have been painted with colors not approved by the ARB.  The approved colors for the wooden mailboxes are at the bottom of page 25 of the ARB guidelines. Many of the black mailboxes are faded and require a new coat of paint.  There are more than a handful of properties with overgrown landscaping and grass well overdue for mowing.  Minimum landscape maintenance requirements are in section 4.6 of the ARB guidelines.  ARB guidelines are located at: https://ospreycove.org/resources/Documents/ARB%20Guidelines.pdf

We would like to remind the OCOA members of the importance of complying with all rules and regulations for maintaining the high standards of our community.

Emergency Response Committee Established

After the past two hurricane seasons, the OCOA Board of Directors thought it was prudent to be as prepared as possible should Osprey Cove be faced with another natural disaster.  In anticipation, the OCOA BOD has established the Emergency Response Committee (ERC) to plan for and respond to weather related emergencies such as tropical storms, tornados, flooding, and other natural disasters that may result in widespread damage to Osprey Cove.

The ERC will operate under the direction of the OCOA BOD and be chaired by Steve Fahey who has extensive disaster response experience working with BP in disaster recovery.  The committee members include Richard Logan, Infrastructure Chair, Scott Spaulding, Lakes Chair, and Joe Buttich who will serve as the Operations Manager. In addition, representatives from community management and Osprey Cove Security will complete the ERC.

The purpose of the ERC is to establish a severe weather preparedness and response plan.  This includes a process to monitor community storm preparation, aftermath and response together with procedures for debris removal as necessary.  Communication is a key role of the ERC providing updates to the OCOA BOD and residents as appropriate before and after the weather event. As a first step the ERC has developed a timeline in preparation for an upcoming storm.  “ERC Severe Weather Timeline”

The ERC will be sending out a separate communication in June which coincides with the start of the 2018 hurricane season.  The document will contain links to valuable information to help prepare residents for the upcoming hurricane season as well as additional information on what to expect from the ERC.

 Notes from the Property Manager 

 The Property Manager’s office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

TDS has advised that they will begin working in Osprey Cove to replace copper cables with fiber cables sometime after mid-June.   Stay tuned for updates.  

The inevitable heat and humidity have set in, bringing the growing season with them.    There are a few things to keep in mind when disposing of yard waste.   All debris for Wednesday pick-up should be placed at the edge of your property near the driveway.   Never place it in the street or on a vacant lot.   Debris placed on vacant lots becomes an eyesore and can harbor rodents and snakes.   Do not assume it will be picked up by the City.   They have no obligation to do so. It is also not a part of Martex’s landscape contract. 

Yard debris from trimming such as limbs/shrubbery should be cut to no greater than six inches in diameter or three feet in length.  It should be placed in a container or biodegradable lawn bag when possible.  Please do not use any type of plastic bag.   The City of St. Marys (912-510-4026) should be contacted for removal of large amounts of debris.

If you have any question about what can be placed for pickup, please call the Property Manager’s office at (912) 673-1467.  

 Osprey Cove Women's Club

The OCWC ended its 2017/2018 Club year with one last meeting.   The members were very pleased to present checks of $1250 to each of the chosen charities:

            Camden House


            Helping Hands

            Methodist Home

It’s a pleasure to support these worthy charities that serve the needy in Camden County.  

The slate of officers for the 2018/2019 Club year was also approved by the membership: 

  • President                                 Wanda Fahey
  • President Elect:                       Denise Hansen
  • Secretary                                 Jenny McCraw
  • Treasurer                                 Lynn Robbins
  • Membership                            Nancy Newberry
  • Community Service                 Lynn Heaton & Nancy Brockman
  • Communications                     Lynn Goldsworth              

Stay tuned for information from Wanda and this great group of volunteers on what to expect next. 

 ARB Update

 Update on new construction:

New homes completed year-to-date 2018:          9

Homes currently under construction:                 16

Reminder:  No exterior modifications can be made without ARB approval.  Please see the excerpt from the ARB Guidelines below.  Please contact the Property Manager’s office for the appropriate forms.  


From the ARB Guidelines section regarding property improvements:  "No building, fence, wall or other structure, landscaping or exterior lighting plan or any other type of improvement, other than those erected by the Declarant, shall be commenced, erected or maintained upon the Property, nor shall any exterior addition to or change or alteration thereon be made until the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, height, color, materials and location of the same shall have been submitted to and approved in writing as to harmony of external design and location in relation to surrounding structures and topography by the Declarant.

Improvements or modifications which are specifically subject to architectural approval include without limitation, the construction of the initial structures on a Lot and the painting or alteration of a dwelling (including doors, windows, roof), installation of solar panels or other edifices, construction of fountains, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, construction of privacy fences, additions of awnings, shelters, gates, flower boxes, shelves, statues, utility enclosures and docks."

Security News

Robert Strickland has replaced Jessie Maestas as Osprey Cove’s Security Supervisor. 

The posted speed limit throughout the community is 25mph.  While this is the accepted speed, please remember there are dog walkers, joggers, golf carts, landscapers, and children that frequent the streets of our community.  Sometimes attentiveness and alertness are enough to prevent an accident but, sometimes a reduction of speed is in order.


                                       THE OSPREY CONNECTION

                                                                                                                         week of  April 2, 2018  

OCOA Board Candidates Announced

On March 30th, the Nominating Committee announced the candidates for the OCOA Board of Directors.   In alphabetical order they are: 

Anthony DeMarco, Robert Dickman, Denise Hansen, Chris Kay, Rebecca Kraft, Susan Lee, Elaine Powierski and George Scott.

The decision to include all candidates who applied to run for the Board was based on advice from the OCOA attorney. The OCOA has no defined policies or procedures for limiting the number of candidates.

Information about the nominees can be found on the OCOA website May 2018 Board Candidates.  

“Meet & Greet” events for property owners to meet the candidates and ask questions have been scheduled as follows: 

Date: Saturday, April 14, 2018

Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm for property owners with last names starting with A to L

Time: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm for property owners with last names starting with M to Z

Place: The Club Hhouse dining room

Remember, materials for the April 26th election of Directors to the OCOA Board will be mailed by Sentry Management on April 6th.   These materials will include a proxy form for owners who are not able to attend the April 26th meeting as well as a ballot.   Proxies must be completed and signed by the owner before being given to a meeting attendee.   Incomplete proxy forms will not be accepted. 

OC news

  • Speed Limits Being Enforced

As a reminder, posted speed limits are being enforced by the OCOA security. Violations will be followed by fines and loss of open access to the property. Residents will be required to stop at the security guard at the gate for entrance).  These measures are important for assuring safety of our residents and guests.

Remember construction vehicles, landscaping service vehicles, etc. can clog our roads and make it difficult to see dog walkers, bicyclers, and golf carts.  

Slow Down – Drive 25

OC faqs

  • Where should I update my contact information for the resident directory?

The OCOA website is the source for an accurate listing of contact information on owners and residents in Osprey Cove. Owners and residents can update their email and telephone information on the OCOA website by clicking their name in the upper right corner and then going to View Profile in the drop down box. You can also email the OCOA Webmaster at ocoawebmaster@gmail.com for assistance.  The DwellingLive database is no longer updated or maintained as a directory. DwellingLive is used by the Security services for community access.

Please send your question(s) to Mary-Ann O’Connor moconnor254@yahoo.com.   We’ll include as many as time and space allow.  

OC reminders & events

  • OCWC Meetings- Thursday April 19th

The next General Meeting of the Osprey Cove Women’s Club will be on Thursday, April 19th at 6:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse. There will be a lot going on at this meeting – besides the complimentary glass of wine! 

The OCWC is all about supporting the organizations that serve the needy in Camden County.   While you’re socializing, you’ll have an opportunity to bid on the items in our Silent Auction. A preview of some of the items you can go home with is:  

  • Gift baskets donated by book clubs, the 9-hole golfers, the Monday/Wednesday ladies’ tennis group, and Linda Poloff, DMD
  • Art pieces donated by Lynn Goldsworth, Sherry Keramidas, Susan Lee  Laure Scasserra and Cathy Sherwood
  • Gift Certificates

All proceeds will go to the OCwC selected charities.  

The other big thing happening at this meeting:  We’ll begin the voting to select the organizations we’ll support this year.   Finally, we will have a participative presentation by our own Maureen Miller on relaxation and breathing techniques.   Maureen is a Master Trainer in Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health (TCH) Programs and is well qualified to help us learn how to battle stress with breathing techniques. 

So mark your calendars for April 19th – and for our final General Meeting of the year on May 24th

  • OCOA Special Meeting- April 26, 2018 6:00 pm Cumberland Inn & Suites

OC web(updates)


                    THE OSPREY CONNECTION

                                                                                                            week of  March 26, 2018     

Designated Voter Forms and Proxies Explained

The package received last week with the candidate forms included a pink Designated Voter Form (aka “Voting Certificate”) and mailing envelope.  The purpose of the pink form is to designate the person who is the voter for a specific property owned by other than a husband and wife.  For example, if a property is owned by an LLC, family trust, bank, business, etc., the form is required to name a person who will cast the ballot for that property.  The Designated Voter must have a financial or part ownership interest in the property.  The Designated Voter form is valid until withdrawn or changed by the property owners or until a change in ownership of the property occurs.  The Designated Voter form is not required for a husband and wife but is required for any other entity or joint ownership of a property.  The Designated Voter Form is not a voting proxy.

Proxy forms for the upcoming election will be mailed the first week of April with other voting material.  The proxy form is used to give someone other than the property owner(s) the right to vote at a specific meeting where the property owner will not be present.  The proxy is also counted toward meeting quorum.  The proxy is valid for a maximum of one year or less as determined by the property owner or until revoked by the property owner.

Bottom Line – The Designated Voter Form cannot be used to give a vote to an individual who does not have ownership interest in the property.  It is not required for husband/wife.  Proxy forms (still to be mailed) are the proper vehicle to be used in the event a property owner cannot attend a meeting.  If there are still additional questions about these two forms, please contact the OCOA office or a member of the nominating committee for clarification.


  • Important Upcoming Dates for Elections

As a reminder, below are the upcoming important dates associated with the OCOA Special meeting and the election of three new board members to replace the three Declarant-appointed members.  

Tuesday, March 27th & Wednesday, March 28th – Nominating Committee interviews with candidates

Friday, March 30th -- OCOA Nominating Committee announces slate of candidates

Friday, April 6th -- Election instructions mailed to all property owners

Thursday, April 26th – Property Owners Special Meeting & Election of new board members – 6:00 pm at Cumberland Inn & Suites

Please direct any questions to the Nominating Committee members George Keramidas, Bill Traub, Jim Conner or Tanya Glazebrook.  

  • Infrastructure and Lakes Committee Have Detailed Work Plans

This year, the Infrastructure and Lakes Committees is working on a long list of projects, including: efforts aimed at reducing electrical costs for the lake fountains, improved storm water drainage, and maintaining existing bridges, roads and other infrastructure.  More information on these projects will be available on the OCOA website shortly. 

  • OC FAQs
  • Q:  Who should be contacted to communicate serious illness or death?    

    A:  In the event of serious illness or death of an Osprey Cove resident or their immediate family, please contact: 

     Lynne Seckman, OCOA Assistant at adminocoa@tds.net.           

    Please include any information you would like to share with other residents of Osprey Cove.  Please send your question(s) to Mary-Ann O’Connor at moconnor254@yahoo.com.   We’ll include as many as possible in each issue.


                      THE OSPREY CONNECTION

                                                                                                            week of  March 19, 2018  

With the activities occurring over the coming weeks related to the transition of the OCOA from Declarant to property owner control, The Osprey Connection will be emailed weekly through May. Please watch your email for important updates.

OCOA Board of Directors Election Materials Mailed to All Property Owners

Information on the upcoming election of OCOA Board of Directors members was sent to all property owners last week by US mail. This included an “Intent to be a Candidate” form and a “Designated Voter Certificate” (to be completed for properties owned by a corporation or more than one person, except husband and wife.) The nomination materials are also available on the “Residents Only” tab on the OCOA website Governing Documents of the OCOA

Candidates will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of receipt of their submision by the OCOA office.   Any candidate who does not receive this confirmation should contact the office at 912-673-1467. 

Also included was a timeline with important dates associated with the election:  

Friday March 23rd -- Deadline for submission of OCOA Board of Directors nomination materials

Tuesday, March 27th & Wednesday March 28th – Nominating Committee interviews with candidates

Friday March 30th -- OCOA Nominating Committee announces slate of candidates

Friday, April 6th -- Election instructions mailed to all property owners

Thursday, April 26th – Property Owners Special Meeting & Election of new board members – 6:00 pm. @ Cumberland Inn & Suites

Please direct any questions to the Nominating Committee members George Keramidas, Bill Traub, Jim Conner or Tanya Glazebrook.  

OC news

  • OCOA and Declarant’s Attorneys Begin Discussions   

Talks between the OCOA attorney representing property owners other than the declarant Amy Bray, and the Declarant’s attorney have started. The focus of the first part of the discussion is clarification of all proposed changes to the CCR’s and establishing an understanding of their intent. More information will be shared as it becomes available.   

  • Spring Flower Rotation & Mulching

The spring flower rotation will begin around the end of March with a colorful palette to brighten our beds and entrances.  Upon completion, the mulching with pine straw will be added to dress the areas and prevent weeds from growing. Hopefully our brief periods of cold will pass as we enter the blooming season. Azaleas are now producing a rainbow of colors...Enjoy the beauty of nature.  

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Coming Soon

The upcoming transition of responsibility from the Declarant to property owner control is complex and may seem confusing.   Many things need to be done by the Special Election and Board Meeting on April 26th and the actual transition on May 3rd -- and many people are involved.   To help provide information and answers to your questions, we are starting a “Frequently Asked Questions” section to this newsletter.   Please send your question(s) to Mary-Ann O’Connor at moconnor254@yahoo.com.   We’ll include as many as possible in each issue.

OC reminders & events     

  • Osprey Cove Women’s Club Meeting – April 19th

The next general meeting of the Osprey Cove Women’s Club will be Thursday, April 19th at 6:30 p.m. at the Clubhouse.   

In addition to our usual time for socializing and complimentary glass of wine, we’ll have a Silent Auction to benefit our charities, the vote to select those charities, and a “participative presentation” on relaxation and breathing techniques from our own Maureen Miller.

  • Share the Newsletter with a Friend or Neighbor

Know of anyone who’s not receiving the Newsletter or email communications from the OCOA?   Please share this newsletter with them and have them contact OCOAWebmaster@gmail.com for assistance. 

OC web (updates)

The following documents were added to OCOA Governing Documents on the Residents Only section of the website (https://www.ospreycove.org/Governing-Documents-of-the-OCOA)


                          THE OSPREY CONNECTION

March 12, 2018

OCOA Selects Legal Counsel

Resident Directors Bill Traub and George Keramidas are pleased to announce the Osprey Cove Owners Association (OCOA) legal counsel, Amy Bray of the law firm of Coulter & Sierra (see Ms. Bray’s bio below).  Coulter & Sierra specialize in real estate law, with a strong focus on representing community/home owner associations.   George and Bill commented: “The OCOA is now represented by one of the leading lawyers and law firms in community association law in Georgia.  We are already engaged in detailed discussions with Ms. Bray about the OCOA transition process, current and drafted documents. She will be able to effectively represent the OCOA and all property owners and capably negotiate with the Declarant’s legal counsel. Further, she will continue to represent the Osprey Cove Owners Association (OCOA)  after the transition as legal counsel to the OCOA.

The OCOA legal counsel will provide recommendations on the most effective steps toward the transition on May 3rd and options for updating CCRs, bylaws and other documents.  This will be communicated to all residents through regular email updates.

The hiring of the OCOA legal counsel followed a special meeting of the Board of Directors requested by George Keramidas and Bill Traub in February.  At that meeting, the Board unanimously approved a motion to allocate funds to hire legal counsel to represent the OCOA, other than the Declarant.  As discussed in the series of town hall meetings, the Declarant has their own legal representation and that attorney is not paid by OCOA funds.


Amy Bray, Coulter & Sierra

Amy Bray is a 1995 graduate of the University of Georgia and a 1998 graduate of Emory University School of Law. She focuses her practice on residential and commercial real estate. She has extensive experience in community association law, specifically drafting the governing documents for residential and commercial community associations. She is experienced in negotiating and resolving complex covenant and easement issues in developments all over Georgia and throughout the country. She is also a certified mediator and has been brought in to help resolve ongoing litigation involving real estate and community association issues.

Amy is one of approximately 150 members of the prestigious College of Community Association Lawyers. From 2013–2017 she was awarded the distinction of Georgia SuperLawyer. In 2007 and 2009 through 2012 she was named a Georgia SuperLawyer “Rising Star.” She is a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation and a member of the Board of Editors for The Practical Real Estate Lawyer, a publication of the American Law Institute.

Amy has contributed as author and editor to a number of local and national publications through the years, from the Gwinnett Business Journal to the Community Association Institute’s Common Ground magazine. Most notable of her many publications, is 2004’s “What a Wicked (World Wide) Web: Helping Community Associations Deal with New Internet Issues,” published in the Journal of Community Association Law, Vol. 7, No. 1; “On the Board—Eco-Friendly Choices” published in Common Ground magazine in 2008; “How to Create a Green Community, Take eco-friendly building a step further,” published in The Practical Real Estate Lawyer in 2008;  “Constructive Advice for Dealing with Banks Holding (Unconstructed) Lots,” (Co-author), Georgia Commons in 2012; and was a contributing author of  “Best Practices—Report #9, Green Communities,” a national publication of the Foundation for Community Association Research in 2009.

Additionally, she presents topics related to community associations, condominiums, and all types of easement arrangements to a variety of audiences, including homeowners and community managers, developers, builders, real estate brokers, bankers, and fellow attorneys at both local and national seminars.

OC news

  • Nomination Materials Available for Election of Three Directors to Serve on OCOA Board

Information and materials related to the special election of three directors to serve on the OCOA Board of Directors are now available on the OCOA website Governing Documents of the OCOA.  Printed copies are also being sent via US mail to all property owners.

The nomination materials include: a memo from the Nominating Committee; a description of the role and responsibilities of directors; the Intent to be a Candidate form; and a timeline for this special election. 

The special election is part of the process of transitioning from Declarant to owner control of the OCOA Board of Directors. The three Declarant positions on the Board will be replaced in this special election.

Property Owners who wish to be considered for a Director position must complete and submit the Intent to be a Candidate form to the OCOA office by 4:00 pm on Friday March 23, 2018.  Late applications will not be considered.  The  slate of candidates will be announced in early April and voting will take place at the Special OCOA meeting scheduled for April 26th.

  • Speeding Violations will be Enforced

The OCOA security staff will begin enforcing speed limits within the Osprey Cove community, in accordance with the OCOA Rules and Regulations.  The increased attention to enforcement follows numerous complaints from OCOA resident and several incidents within the community.

Below are the enforcement rules for speeding violation and the procedures for enforcing the rules.

Section III          VEHICLE USE

 Violations will be handled as indicated in Section XII.A. The speed limit in Osprey Cove is 25 MPH unless posted otherwise.  All drivers must observe speed limits, stop signs and any other posted traffic directions.

Section XII          ENFORCEMENT

A.    In order to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all, the Covenants, the Architectural Review Criteria, and the Rules and Regulations will be enforced uniformly.  When a violation of any of these documents is brought to the attention of the Osprey Cove Board of Directors, via its Property Manager, the violation will first be verified by the Property Manager or Security, then the following procedures and fines will be initiated:

For Violations of Traffic Signs (Speeding):

Step 1: First Violation: Warning letter or email outlining the details of the violation including the type violation, date, and time.

Step 2: Second violation: $50 fine and 30-day suspension of the lot Owner(s) gate pass privileges (access cards) assigned to the lot. Formal letter sent via first class mail with return receipt to resident and/or renter or guest outlining the details of the violation including the type violation, date, and time. In case of a visitor or a contractor: $50 fine and 10-day suspension of access to the property.

Step 3: Third violation:  $ 100 fine and 60-day suspension of the lot Owner(s) gate pass privileges (access cards) assigned to the lot. Formal letter sent via first class mail with return receipt to resident and/or renter or guest outlining the details of the violation including the type violation, date, and time.

In case of a visitor or a contractor: $100 fine and 20-day suspension of access to the property.

Note: If the same infraction is reported within 365 days, the Property Manager shall proceed to Step 2 as outlined above. Violations of Traffic Sign infractions may only be reported by Security.

B. The above processes may be accelerated and/or fines doubled if the Association’s Board of Directors determines that the violation is sufficiently serious, is habitual in nature (i.e., continued similar violations by the same Owner/builder), or threatens the safety of the people in the community.

OC reminders & events     

  • OCOA Special Meeting
A special meeting of the OCOA is scheduled for April 26, 2018 at Cumberland Inn & Suites. The purpose of this meeting is to elect owner three directors to the OCOA Board. Voting will be conducted in person.  Owners who are unable to attend will receive proxy voting information and forms. More details to follow.
  • Osprey Cove Tote Bags Available
Osprey Cove tote bags are still available from the Osprey Cove Women’s Club at $15 each. Please make your check payable to OCWC and get it to Mary-Ann O’Connor at 254 Osprey Circle. Remember, all proceeds benefit Camden County charities. 

OC web (updates)

The following documents were added to OCOA Governing Documents on the Residents Only section of the website (https://www.ospreycove.org/Governing-Documents-of-the-OCOA)


                       THE OSPREY CONNECTION

February 12, 2018

Rezoning Application Generates Strong Community Response

The rezoning application submitted by the Osprey Club, LLC that proposes building up to 48 attached and detached townhouses on approximately 5 acres of land near the Club at Osprey Cove is generating a strong response from Osprey Cove owners and residents. After they were informed of the application, OCOA resident directors George Keramidas and Bill Traub sent an email to the community offering specific guidance on the criteria used by the Planning Commission and urging owners/residents to submit written comments to Dr. Jeff Adams, Director of St. Marys Community Development and staff support to the Planning Commission.  Written responses should be submitted by February 15, 2018.

Groups of residents are preparing petitions against the proposal, which also should be submitted to Dr. Adams by February 15th.

The Planning Commission meeting will be held on February 20, 2018 beginning at 5:30 pm at the St. Marys Elementary School, 600 Osborne Rd.

The Rezoning application materials and the criteria used by the Planning Commission are available on the news section of the OCOA website.

OC news

  • OCOA Board Approves Emergency Response Committee    

The Emergency Response Committee (ERC) was proposed by the Board following Hurricane Irma. At its February meeting, the Board approved this new committee and appointed Steve Fahey as chair. Steve has an extensive background in emergency management, including a key role following the BP oil spill.  The ERC will also include resident members of the Board, members of the Infrastructure and Lakes committees, the community manager and security staff and other residents with expertise in emergency management.

  • Board Re-establishes Finance Committee

At its February meeting, the OCOA Board approved re-establishing a Finance Committee to oversee OCOA finances and advise the Board on finance policies and procedures. Committee membership will be announced by May.

  • Speeding and Traffic Violations To Be Strictly Enforced

Speed limits and other traffic rules and regulations will be strictly enforced by the OCOA security, “ affirmed the OCOA Board in February. The OCOA Rules and Regulations state:

For Violations of Traffic Signs:

  First Violation: Warning letter or email outlining the details of the violation including the type of violation, date, and time.
 Second violation: $50 fine and 30-day suspension of the lot Owner(s) gate pass privileges assigned to the lot. Formal letter sent via first class mail with return receipt to resident and/or renter or guest outlining the details of the violation, including the type violation, date, and time.                                                                                 
Third violation: $ 100 fine and 60-day suspension of the lot Owner(s) gate pass privileges assigned to the lot. Formal letter sent via first class mail with return receipt to resident and/or renter or guest outlining the details of the violation including the type of violation, date, and time.

Please keep our community safe and respect your neighbors and our rules and regulations.

  • OCOA Ends 2017 with Surplus

The OCOA ended 2017 with a surplus of approximately $26,000, based on the unaudited year-end financial statement. This compares with a deficit of over $120,000 for 2016. The significant improvement in finances is the result of careful scrutiny of contract obligations, more effective negotiation of contracts, closely monitoring spending and setting priorities for new projects.  The unaudited 2017-finance summary is available for owner/resident access at: https://www.ospreycove.org/Governing-Documents-of-the-OCOA/

  • Transition Moves Toward May 3rd Turnover

The transition of the OCOA from declarant/developer control to owner control on May 3, 2018 is progressing. The OCOA Board resident directors George Keramidas and Bill Traub, along with the members of the transition task force are completing the due diligence process and will now focus on finalizing governing documents, policies and procedures and holding elections for three new owner directors.

As part of the transition the Nominating Committee will release the timeline and materials for the nomination process by the end of February.  The election will take place at a special OCOA meeting on April 26, 2018.  Watch for more details.

OC reminders & events     

  • Mail Box Replacement 

If you have an old mailbox, you are encouraged to replace it with a new, black mailbox with gold numbersHere is the information you need to order your new mailbox:

  Mailbox Vendor: BudgetMailboxes.com                                                                                                                                                                                           Style: Imperial Mailbox Systems 308 K                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cost: $391 per box ordered online with free shipping.  For 2-5 mailboxes, cost is $385 per box. For six plus, $372.17                                                                                 Ordering: Contact an account manager (Ben Corona, Paul Orta, Eli Schweyer, Wes Schweyer, Marcus Oldham or Kandi Turner) to receive OCOA pricing                  (866-707-0008 or customercare@weblifestores.com)                                                                                                                                                                                           Installer (optional): Logan Stover (912-552-4810). He charges $55 for removal of the old box and installation of a new one.

  • Pick Up After Your Pet

Please be respectful of your neighbors as well as your neighborhood and pick up after your dog. Per the OCOA Rules and Regulations:                                                 IV. Animal Control                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              C. Owners will not permit their pets to soil another Owner’s yard or personal property. If private property, common areas, rights of way, or Club property are soiled by pet waste, the pet Owner is responsible for the cleanup and removal thereof.

  • Osprey Cove Tote Bags Available
Osprey Cove tote bags are still available from the Osprey Cove Women’s Club at $15 each. Please make your check payable to OCWC and get it to Mary-Ann O’Connor at 254 Osprey Circle. Remember, all proceeds benefit Camden County charities. 

OC web (updates)

The following documents were added to OCOA Governing Documents on the Residents Only section of the website (https://www.ospreycove.org/Governing-Documents-of-the-OCOA)

  • Minutes of the November 2017 Board of Directors Meeting
  • 2017 Year End Financial Summary (unaudited)
  • Minutes of the December 2017 OCOA Annual Meeting
  • Minutes of the January 2018 Board of Directors Meeting


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